Frailty ASPIRe Study

The Frailty ASPIRe Study (FASt), a supplementary study, is a prospective cohort trial of women ≥ 65 years old entering into the ASPIRe trial and undergoing surgical correction of apical prolapse. The purpose of the FASt study is to determine the impact of preoperative frailty and mobility on surgical treatment outcomes and postoperative complications of older women following surgical correction of apical pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Women participating in the PFDN ASPIRe trial are well-characterized prior to surgery and reliably followed for up to 5 years after their surgical procedure representing a unique and feasible opportunity to examine these predictive tools prospectively in older women undergoing elective minimally-invasive surgery. The expected outcome of the proposed work is to elucidate better tools for gynecologic surgeons to use in the preoperative evaluation of older women and improve outcomes.

We propose to measure baseline preoperative frailty and mobility, operationally using the 6 measures of the Robinson Frailty Index and the Timed Up and Go test in women ≥ 65 years old undergoing prolapse surgery in the Pelvic Floor Disorders Network (PFDN) ASPIRe trial. Women will be followed for up to 5 years postoperatively to determine both prolapse treatment failure as well as the occurrence of common postoperative complications (including 30-day surgical site-infections, all-cause readmission rates, and admissions to skilled nurse facilities, falls and mortality).


Erekson E, Menefee S, Whitworth RE, Amundsen CL, Arya LA, Komesu YM, Ferrando CA, Zyczynski HM, Sung VW, Rahn DD, Tan-Kim J, Mazloomdoost D, Gantz MG, Richter HE, Eunice Kennedy Shriver NICHD Pelvic Floor Disorders Network (PFDN). The Design of a Prospective Trial to Evaluate the Role of Preoperative Frailty Assessment in Older Women Undergoing Surgery for the Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The FASt Supplemental Trial. Female Pelvic Med Reconstr Surg. 2020 Jan; (): .

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